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Snagged from fatastic.

General Questions
A. How much weight do you want to lose in 2004?
at least 37 pounds.

B. What are the 2 (or more) main things, specifically, that you'll be doing to lose weight?
1. Limiting intake to a maximum of 600 cals a day.
2. Get my lazy, fat ass on the treadmill

C. What 5 foods/drinks are you gonna be trying your hardest to avoid (that have maybe messed up year 2003 for you)?
I'm have serious touches of coe, so binging is the evil villian.
1. pizza
2. McDonald's french fries
3. taco bell
4. potato chips and dip
5. chocolate bars

D. What 5 foods/drinks are you planning to eat more of in 2004?
1. water
2. veggies of all kinds

Actually - that is it.

E. Do you throw up? If you do, are you planning to stop in the New Year or are you trying to restrict and lose whilst still occasionally binging and purging? What are your other plans/goals regarding binging and purging?
I really don't b/p that much. Purging isn't much of an issue.

F. Do you binge? If you do, how are you planning to stop in the New Year or are you going to allow ?binge days?? What are your other plans/goals regarding binging?
Binging, however, is a HUGE issue. I'm not allowing binge days, but I'm thinking of allowing a "cheat night" every other week. Maybe this will keep the COE in check. I hate to do this though. Makes me sick thinking about it. Basically, I'm focusing on my goals and I have a kick-ass thinspiration book/journal and I focus on that when I feel a binge coming on. Also, I always have a pair of jeans around that are at least one size too small and I try them on (naturally, they don't fit) when I want to binge. This keeps the goal in sight. And not the pizza.

A. What foods were your main downfall in 2003?
Pizza and McDonalds.

B. What drinks were your main downfall in 2003?
This wasn't a problem.

C. Are you going to try to completely avoid these foods/drinks or are you going to allow them in moderation? If you'll allow them in moderation, will it be when you plan to eat them or whenever you feel like them or??
Moderation? What's that? I don't think I'm familiar with that word. ;-)

D. Did 2003 go well for you in terms of weight loss/sticking to your restriction plans?

Yes. Due to binging, I got up WAY beyond 200 pounds. I've lost 70, so far. I didn't mean to. Well, I did, that's not what I meant. Over the years, my ed has switched from ana to coe over and over again. I'm definintely in the ana phase, but ana has stuck around way longer than ever before. I had hoped to lose more, but I did binge here and there.

If it did, will you be sticking to these plans, or changing them in 2004?
I will be more or less sticking to the same thing. I can't help it. That's just what I do.

If it didn't, what will you be doing that's different to lose weight in 2004?
Less binging!

E. What were your main weaknesses in restricting? What stopped you from restricting better, or made restricting a lot harder?
I'm not ana, I'm ed-nos. So, coe and ana constantly fight for dominance in my head. That's what stopped better restricting. I also need to step away from the computer and work out more.

F. What will you be doing, specifically, in 2004 to overcome these weaknesses?
Focusing on less binges and more work outs.

Then and Now

If your meals were varied, put either the main meals down or more than one, however many you want?
A. What were you mainly eating for breakfast in 2003?

I was having a slimfast shake for breakfast, but for the last several months, I've had nothing until I got to work and there I have a large coffee with skim.

B. What are you planning to eat for breakfast in 2004?
The coffee and skim

C. What were you mainly eating for lunch in 2003?
That changed. Either:
ff yogurt, apple
1/2 can of veggie soup, apple
fake crap, apple, ff pudding
SF bar
stuff like that. It always equaled about 250 cals.

D. What are you planning to eat for lunch in 2004?

E. What were you mainly eating for dinner in 2003?
Too many different things to list. It usually equals about 300 cals.

F. What are you planning to eat for dinner in 2004?

G. What were you mainly eating for snacks in 2003?
I don't eat snacks. EVER.

H. What are you planning to eat for snacks in 2004?

I. What were your main drinks in 2003?
Iced tea, water, hot tea, red bull, diet coke (although I've cut them out lately)

J. What are you planning to be your main drinks in 2004?
same, but with no diet coke. It makes me bloat like a balloon.

Goals and Rewards
A. What are your main weight loss/restriction goals for 2004?
To hit 122 pounds by June

B. Are these new goals or have you had them for a long time?
Both. They are old goals, but I've assigned dates to them. I have short term goals all planned out. I hit the first one, missed the second (but we are blaming that on my period).

C. What are you doing that's different (to last years plan) to reach these goals?
Nothing. I am just plugging along.

D. Do you have any planned rewards for when you reach you goals?
Buying new clothes when the old ones are too big is plenty reward. AND my favorite part.

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